Removal Services for Businesses in the Isle of Wight

The business environment at the Isle of Wight is so dynamic that entrepreneurs might want to move offices to be near their clients. However, relocating your business to another place or getting a storage solution that protects your prized possessions can be daunting, considering the amount of time and effort you might put into it. If you are looking for a top-notch removal service in the Isle of Wight, Lee Atkins Removals will come right at your doorstep to give you the ultimate relocation experience. Here is why you should move, store or pack with us:

Versatile Services

Lee Atkins is a removal service conducting solutions such as:

  • Moving House and Relocating Offices: Once you contact us, we will come to your current location and send our representative to inspect your destination to plan how to relocate your equipment and staff. We also organise international relocation solutions for businesses leaving the UK.
  • Secure Storage: If you have equipment or tools taking up so much space in your office and looking for safe storage space for them, we will designate a storage space in our warehouse.
  • Packing: Our ten years’ experience in packing assures you that your possession will remain safe and reach safely to your destination.

Whether you are moving offices, need help packing, or running out of space to store your items, we will be at your service. We do not just operate around Isle of the Wight alone. We also help businesses looking to relocate out of the UK with custom paperwork.

Dedicated Removal Team

We have a team of movers who a dedicated supervisor or move manager supervises. Our supervisor assigns tasks for each team member to ensure the actual move process runs smoothly. You can rest assured that we will arrange for packing at all the relevant addresses. We do that to ensure your staff have efficient access and avoid interfering with the work of your other site visitors.

Our Health and Safety Standards Adhere to Isle of Wight’s Codes

An effective office relocating and reorganization strategy involves adhering to your premises and staff’s health and safety standards. Lee Atkins is ready to test, maintain, and inspect equipment on-site while ensuring we move your team with appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE). In addition, our moving process is safe for your staff and customers if they are on-site during the packing, storage and removal.

Our Complaints Handling Policy

The reason you chose us as your ultimate removal service is to relocate without encountering any legal problems. If something unexpected happens or you have a complaint, we expect you to inform us. Our customer complaints policy lasts up to eight weeks. After that, we will review the matter and talk to our moving manager, who oversaw your relocation process.

Move with us

At Lee Atkins, we have a team of house and office removal agents who are dedicated to helping you relocate without lifting a finger. Our mission is to know what you need and devise a perfect plan for your project.

We work by selecting the correct box sizes and materials through our packing and access arrangements at your old and new offices. Thanks to our automation packing solutions, we will ensure a smooth move. We also provide offsite storage solutions so that you can maximize space and get value from your new office or commercial establishment. Contact us today for a free quote.