Things to Consider When Moving House

The excitement of settling in a new home can be great, but the moving process can be stressful. Without proper planning, it can cause panic, losses, and damages. The easy part is finding your right home, filling the contracts and mortgage agreements. But when moving, please make sure you are not caught out at the last minute. You can avoid this by having a reliable moving planner and checklist.

When you partner with an honest and efficient company like Lee Atkins Removals and Storage, you are assured of excellent moving services. With our company, you will be working with experienced movers, get quality services and affordable prices. Whether you are moving in a few months or days, you will get fast, efficient, fully insured packing and house removals here.

But what do you need to do while moving house? Follow these things below if you plan to move.

Confirm the moving date

If you plan to move in a month or two, or a few weeks, make sure you have fully settled on a specific date and confirmed it. This is to help you streamline your schedule.

Hire a removal company

Unless you plan to pack and carry your items alone, consider a trustworthy removal company such as Lee Atkins Removals and Storage. Seek a price quotation in advance and check if it fits your budget. Don’t forget to give an estimate of the items you will be moving.

Notify your landlord

If you live in a rental house, you should let your landlord know your exact date of moving as per the agreed notice period in your contract.

Notify other service providers

Since you are moving to a different place, start notifying your service providers like postal services, internet, landline, school if you have children, and utility companies like gas and electricity.

Confirm school placements

For families with school-going children, it’s vital to confirm new school placements. Also, make sure you follow the right channel of changing schools, such as acquiring recommendation letters if needed.


Whether you have hired a moving company like Lee Atkins Removals or not, clear the unnecessary things first. You can donate the stuff you no longer need, pack the things you don’t use often, and other non-essential items.

Start updating your details

Updating your details is a vital factor of consideration when moving house. Consider who and where such information is needed. Update your friends, doctors or dentist, care providers, if any, your employer, bank, insurance providers, and others with your new location details.

Take care of your valuables

Keep your most important documents, paperwork and other valuables close and safe. On the moving date, you can keep these in your private car. These valuables include passports, academic, birth, and marriage certificates, and also jewels.

Mark quick-access items

When moving, ensure you pack, mark, and have quick access to essentials. This is because you may be too tired to unpack on the first night in your new home and decide to rest. Such essentials are bedding, toiletries, a first aid kit, towels, and hand soap. Also, locate the fusebox and water valve. It helps you save time.

Check the house one last time against your moving checklist with the moving company that nothing is forgotten, and collect all the necessary keys.

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